Voice and Collaboration Solutions

With the right voice and collaboration solutions, you can have access to a suite of VoIP, messaging, chat and answering services that are designed for your specific business needs.

Whether you’re challenged by increasing incoming calls from customers or you’re in need of a better way to keep your employees communicating with each other, you can choose what works best for your employees and your budget.

For example, with automated answering services, you can eliminate dropped or blocked calls by ensuring that customer voices are heard. With instant messaging services, you can empower your people to stay in touch and on track in the middle of big tasks or day-to-day deliverables.

Voice Services Include

  • Voice
  • Video, web and audio conferencing
  • VoIP Service

  • Contact and Call Centers
  • Next Generation 911
  • Unified Communications (UC)

Voice and Collaboration Solutions

Upgrading your voice services is a crucial component of digital transformation. When you want to update outdated communications into tools that improve efficiency and exceed customer service expectations, we’re here to help!

AT&T Collaborate™

AT&T Collaborate™ offers a flexible hosted voice solution that gives you the traditional voice features you need and the collaboration tools you want, regardless of your work location.


  • Voice, Unified Communications, and Contact Center options are available
  • Conferencing, web meetings and employee availability are unified in one application
  • Cloud-based telephony features such as hunt groups, auto attendant, and single voice voicemail
  • Mobile app for most operating systems (iOS, Android)
  • Available to use on virtually any device
  • Single number reach for both fixed and mobile users
  • Security and business continuity
  • May not require changes to existing service

Organizational Benefits

  • No on-site equipment to manage, users can easily connect while you focus on business
  • Mobile for improved accessibility of remote employees and allows for virtual teams
  • Cloud-based VoIP, desktop, and mobile app, with same experience regardless of location

Potential Benefits

  • Communicate in almost real-time
  • Receive and share information faster
  • Reduce email (and Voicemail)
  • Gain more flexibility in work environments by working from anywhere with a broadband internet connection
  • Bring your own device to the workplace
  • Increase quality of service when using the AT&T network