About T3 Solutions Group

T3 Solutions Group provides Enterprise Solutions to help you improve efficiency and boost productivity. From wireline to wireless, from virtual networks to security, voice and collaboration and so much more, you can count on our experience, partnership and support.

What’s in a Name?

Many people ask what the “T” stands for in T3. An obvious answer is “technology” because we live and work with technology every day. But T3 represents so much more to our team. As we work together, you’ll discover our commitment to these essential concepts that embrace the number three and use the letter “T.”

Established Expertise

With more than 70 years in the industry, the experts at T3 Solutions Group are focused on the shifting demands of the constantly evolving communication landscape so you can stay focused on your business.

Partnering with the Best

AT&T has been at the forefront of telecommunications since the very beginning and that’s why we recommend their products and services. T3 Solutions Group helps many organizations empower their workforce, and adds an additional layer of support for your business.

Dedicated Support

Our experienced and friendly customer service team is known for their quick response and ability to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Building the Best Solution for Your Business

AT&T, Our Trusted Partner

In today’s world, business is fast, global and mobile. AT&T’s solutions help companies adapt to shifting demands and give businesses a competitive advantage by helping them react to change in near real time.

Increasingly, business customers are turning to AT&T to help mobilize their people, processes, and assets, making them more productive and helping them address current challenges and anticipate those in the future. You want new technology that works with existing systems, a secure environment and a way to stay ahead of competitors through innovation and flexibility. AT&T can give you the ability to do all this with its reliable, highly-secure worldwide network.

Custom Solutions

You rely on both wired and wireless services to make your business run. T3 Solutions Group provides customized enterprise solutions for mobility and wireline services utilizing AT&T products and services. We want to help you be successful in your job.

Let’s Connect
Our specialists bring knowledge and experience. Our consultants provide end-to-end services that can assist you in deploying your communication solutions including:

  • Account review and cost analysis
  • Consulting and solution design
  • Applications and data strategy development
  • Device ordering, procurement, and staging/kitting
  • User training
  • Ongoing help-desk support